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Mining Magazine Intelligence Future Fleets Report 2023

The MMI Future Fleets Report brings together the most forward-looking innovations in fleet technology in the industry. The report paints a picture of the equipment landscape and includes detailed profiles of mines that are employing these fleets.


Now in its fourth edition, the Mining Magazine Intelligence Future Fleets Report continues to identify the operations and developments worldwide that use the most advanced fleets. The MMI Future Fleets Report 2023 contains an exclusive group of 82 operations – up 14% on last year’s number – that use truly innovative technologies. The 2023 report expands on the global, regional and equipment-specific trends found in previous years’ research.


One of the barriers to a greater take-up in future-looking fleet technologies was the higher capital cost for such machines, but the growing pressure from governments and investors has forced miners to tackle the greenhouse-gas emissions their fleets produce.


However, the report finds that the path to decarbonisation is winding, and companies are looking to hybrid technologies that combine the familiarity of diesel fleets with the CO2-cutting benefits of battery-electric and hydrogen vehicles.


Learn and discover:

  • What trends in equipment are emerging?
  • What are the barriers to implementing innovative fleet?
  • Are investments in fleets delivering on targeted ROIs?
  • Which OEMs are leading in this space?

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